Research & External Projects

Research and External Projects Unit

The research activities of IEPA are undertaken at the various levels of education.The outcomes of these researches culminate in the production of case study materials to inform teaching, further research and policy formulation.

The research activities of the IEPA are designed to:

(i)         identify and elaborate problems which are faced by educational leaders in Ghana and  propose solutions to these problems.

(ii)        develop curricula and methodology to inform the Institute’s short-term in-service training programmes and the development of the national curriculum as well.

(iii)       review courses and programmes to make them relevant to the needs of society.

(iv)       conduct research and provide research support for educational policy formulation and implementation.

(v)        undertake action research involving GES and MoE staff.

(vi)       conduct needs assessment of various agencies as well as write proposals for funding.

Under the Research and External Projects Unit, IEPA has been involved in the following International Research Collaborations (External Projects):

Nuffic: (A Dutch government funded project) Leadership and Management Capacity Building for Ghanaian Polytechnics.
             (2005-2010):  Partner - Vrije University, Amsterdam
EdQual: Implementing Education Quality in Low Income Countries.
               (2006-2011): Partners - University of Bristol and University of Dar-es-Salam
LfL (Leadership for Learning): Improving Leadership and Learning in Basic Schools. 
               (2009-2012): Partner - Cambridge University