Teaching Staff

Dr. Mike Boakye-Yiadom

Dr. Mike Boakye-Yiadom

Research Fellow


I am a strategic, student-centered higher education and student affairs professional with over thirteen years experience. I have led teams of professionals and used innovative models of student affairs practice to foster student engagement, promote student development, and enhance student success. I value shared governance, feedback, and credibility in leadership. My teaching philosophy focuses on a learner-centered approach which offers students the opportunity to be actively involved in the learning process as full participants and partners responsible for making choices related to learning. The teacher becomes the facilitator of the learning process with the goal of helping students relate their classroom experiences to practice. The learner-centered philosophy fits into a practitioner-focused academic program by challenging students to relate their classroom experiences to their practicum and internships. This philosophy enhances a learner-centered campus environment that promotes student engagement, development, and success. Related to this teaching philosophy is my leadership philosophy, which has three themes: leading as an honest, inspiring, forward-looking facilitator; leading by example (role model); and leading as a strategic member of the team (intentional teamwork). I believe that true leadership is about building relationships and trust, investing in professional development of team members, goal setting, and identifying a strategic plan to achieve the goals. Leadership also involves collaboration, partnerships, and participatory decision-making process. My teaching and leadership philosophy has made me a strategic facilitator and leader conscious of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within my working environment. I hold myself and members of my team accountable. As an honest, forward-looking leader, I am committed to taking advantage of campus resources and opportunities to achieve learning outcomes and institutional goals.


Educational Leadership, Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration, Innovations in Education and Institutional Advancement.