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Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA),
University of Cape Coast,
Cape Coast, Ghana
Office Phone:+233 3321-30571
Mobile No: - +233 (0)20 9048794 / +233 (0)24 9504732
Dr. Clara Araba Mills

Dr. Clara Araba Mills is a lecturer at the Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA), a UNESCO Category II Centre of Excellence at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Ghana. 

Dr. Mills is a commonwealth split-site PhD scholar in curriculum design and development. She also holds an MPhil in Educational Planning and a B.Ed. Arts degree, all from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, and an International Certificate of Advanced Studies in Education Sector Planning from UNESCO/IIEP, Paris. As these qualifications were being accumulated, Dr. Mills also gained extensive experiences in the fields of teaching and research as she sought to contribute to equipping human resource required for different sectors in the field of education. 

Prior to her engagement as faculty staff at IEPA, Dr. Mills was a lecturer in African Studies at the Takoradi Technical University. A role she executed with passion as she led students to realise enhanced potentials, possibilities and impact in a blend of the Arts and their technology-focused interests, than only on the latter. 

In order to better prepare for further education, Dr. Mills established her Philosophy Nest programme to orient pupils in logical reasoning and reading comprehension. It is against this background that Dr. Mills was made a Board Member of Educational Resource, a foundation that offers financial and training support to a student at the basic level. 

Dr. Mills has participated in diverse seminars, conferences and research studies. Notable among them are: IEPA Expo; UKfiet conferences; EdQual conferences and workshops; Baice publication training and UCC-TASUED interdisciplinary conference on education as a tool for Global Development. Dr. Mills’ areas of interest in research are in the field of the process of curriculum design and development, planning for education in general and in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). 

As a burgeoning lecturer at IEPA, Dr. Mills finds herself well-placed to contribute to the realization of the institute’s UNESCO Category II agenda, which is, “to be the lead institute for educational planning, administration, management and leadership in the West African sub-region”, and to develop further in her field of expertise and interest.      

2017 - PhD in Qualitative Research (Curriculum Design and Development) (University of Cape Coast /Commonwealth Split-Site Scholarship at the University of Bristol)
2010 - International Certificate of Advance Studies in Education Sector Planning (International Institute for educational Planning UNESCO/IIEP, Paris)
2009- M.Phil in Educational Planning (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)
2004 - Bachelor of Education (Arts), (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)
1996 - ‘A’ Level General Certificate of Education (Fijai Secondary School, Sekondi)
1994 - ‘O’ Level General Certificate of Education (Fijai Secondary School, Sekondi)