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Areas of the Institute's Work

Areas of the Institute's Work

IEPA’s Operational Activities

The IEPA carries out three major activities to achieve its mandate. 

Academic Programmes

The academic programmes of IEPA are delivered through graduate-level courses at the Masters level in educational administration, administration in higher education, educational planning and at the Doctoral level in educational leadership, educational planning, and quality assurance. The programmes are offered on both full-time and part-time bases. 

Varied delivery modes are adopted such as: 

 on-campus regular semester - face-to-face interaction throughout the semester

 sandwich learning – where students have a set period of time working and then taking classes during vacation periods

 distance mode – where students take week end classes

The IEPA intends to adopt in the near future:


split-site learning - where students will have the opportunity to access courses in their home country and other IEPA designated location.


online learning – where through facilitation over the internet students are engaged in meaningful class discussions without sitting in a traditional classroom. There is absence of campus visits to complete course work

Career Professional Development and Outreach Programmes

The career professional development programmes are designed as series of periodic workshops, conferences, short courses, and seminars to provide a frame within which the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired of educational administrators, leaders, managers and planners can be reinforced through the integration of theoretical knowledge and artistry. The career professional development programme focuses on honing the skills of practitioners in addressing problems of practice.


The professional development sessions ordinarily entail face-to-face interactions between facilitators and participants. The programme content are delivered through problem-based learning, clinical experience, and field-based internship. Participants are encouraged to form study cohort groups to facilitate peer learning and exchange of best operating practices.


Research Activities

The research activities of IEPA is to inform policy development and implementation. The IEPA, in consultation and in collaboration with key stakeholders identify and research into contemporary issues in educational administration, leadership, management, and planning. The outcomes of the research activities culminate in the production of case study materials to inform teaching, further research, and policy formulation.


Targeted Beneficiaries of IEPA’s Programmes

The intended beneficiaries of IEPA’s programmes are educational administrators, leaders, managers, and planners at various levels of education, personnel at the directorate of the Ministry of Education, and staff of NGOs providing varied educational support.