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Outreach Programmes

IEPA has career professional development programmes which are organised in the form of workshops, conferences, short courses, and seminars to provide a frame within which the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired of educational leaders are reinforced through the integration of theoretical knowledge and artistry. The career professional development programmes focuses on improving the skills of practitioners in addressing problems of practice.

The field of training undertaken by the Institute in the past and to date includes the following:

  • Guidance and Counselling courses for Tutors and Administrators from Second Cycle Institutions and District, Municipal, Metropolitan and Regional Directors of Education.
  • Seminars on Educational Leadership, Planning and Administration for Directors of Education.
  • Seminars on School Management and Financial Administration for Heads of Public and Private First and Second Cycle Educational Institutions.
  • Courses on Educational/School Management and Supervision for Basic School Heads.
  • Courses on School Mapping for Basic School Heads.
  • Courses on Curriculum Development and Evaluation for Heads of Senior High Schools.
  • Teaching Methodology Courses for Tutors of Farm Institutes and Agricultural Colleges.
  • Seminars/Workshops on Capacity Improvement for Principals of Colleges of Education.
  • Leadership for Learning (LfL) Workshops for Heads of Basic Schools and District Education Directorate Training Officers.
  • Capacity Development Projects in collaboration with IIEP on Distant programme in Educational Planning.
  • Capacity Strengthening Programme in collaboration with:
    • T.E.D. of GES
    • British Council
    • Plan Ghana (TAP PROJECT)