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Strategic Thrusts

Four key thrusts have been identified in this Strategic Plan in response to the Vision, Mission, Core Values and the outcomes of the institutional analysis. These are:

  • Building and strengthening the capacity of educational planners, administrators and leaders in the West African sub-region.
  • Supporting education ministries within the sub-region to undertake sector-wide planning, policy development and implementation.
  • Undertaking cutting-edge research and consultancy, and promoting innovation in education service delivery.
  • Creating a platform for, and mobilising education experts in the sub-region to interrogate educational issues and provide policy advice to Ministries of Education of Member States.

Through these thrusts, IEPA seeks to transform itself to contribute to UNESCO’s Strategic Programme Objectives for the sub-region as contained in the Priority Africa Programme and the Medium-Term Strategy (2016 – 2021). In the presentation of the strategic plan, IEPA adopts a matrix approach with each of the thrusts broken down into specific objectives, success criteria, key targets, key tasks, responsibility, funding source, and monitoring and evaluation schedule (see Appendix A). Success criteria outline the expected outcomes for each of the key targets.

The Plan also identifies responsible persons for each key task to ensure accountability and stewardship. The IEPA management will be able to measure progress towards achieving the strategic objectives of the Institute by focusing on achieving the targets. Responsibility for oversight of the execution of the Plan is assigned to the Director, and his/her Deputies. These offices will have the overall responsibility to ensure effective management of the process of implementation. The time frames provide the landmarks for monitoring and timely implementation of activities.