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Research and External Projects

The research activities of IEPA is to inform policy development and implementation, and also support leadership and governance practices. The IEPA, in consultation and in collaboration with key stakeholders identifies and research into contemporary issues in educational leadership, planning, and governance. The outcomes of such research activities result in the production of case study materials to inform teaching, further research, and policy formulation.

Past researches include the following:

  • T-Tel project: Research and Capacity building for College of Education Leaders.
  • Nuffic: (A Dutch government funded project) Leadership and Management Capacity Building for Ghanaian Polytechnics. (2005-2010): Partner - Vrije University, Amsterdam.
  • EdQual: Implementing Education Quality in Low Income Countries.(2006-2011): Partners - University of Bristol and University of Dar-es-Salam
  • LfL (Leadership for Learning): Improving Leadership and Learning in Basic Schools. (2009-2012): Partner - Cambridge University