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We wish to bring to the notice of the University Community that in line with Section 11.0 and 12.0 of the Staff Reward and Recognition Policy, nominations are open for the 4th Staff Reward and Recognition ceremony scheduled for December, 2019.

Each College/Faculty/School/Directorate/Centre/Section/Unit/individual is expected to nominate at most two deserving staff of each category to be vetted for the awards listed below. The nomination form for the various categories of awards can be downloaded from the University of Cape Coast website ( ).

  • Consultancy Award for a Senior Member whose work yields the highest reward to the University.
  • Community Service Award
  • Mentorship Award
  • Distinguished Administrator- Senior Member Category
  • Promising Administrator – Senior Member Category
  • Distinguished Administrator - Senior Staff Category
  • Promising Administrator – Senior Staff Category
  • Distinguished Technician – Senior Staff Category
  • Promising Technician - Senior Staff Category
  • Distinguished Teacher – Senior Staff Category
  • Distinguished Hall Assistant – Junior/Senior Staff Category
  • Distinguished Finance/Audit – Junior/Senior Staff Category
  • Distinguished Library Staff – Junior/Senior Staff Category
  • Distinguished Clerk – Junior Staff Category
  • Promising Clerk – Junior Staff Category
  • Distinguished Technician - Junior Staff Category
  • Promising Technician – Junior Staff Category
  • Distinguished Sanitary Labourer- Junior Staff Category
  • Distinguished Conservancy Labourer – Junior Staff Category
  • Distinguished Driver Best Health Worker - Senior Members Category
  • Best Health Worker – Non-Senior Members Category
  • Best Security Worker

Nominator (s) should submit eight (8) copies each of the following:

Nomination Form
Curriculum Vitae of Nominee(s)
Justification (s) of Nominee(s)

The completed nomination form should reach the Directorate of Human Resource (Enquiries) before Thursday, 31 October, 2019. Late submission of the nomination form will not be processed.