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Programme Duration

2 Years

Degree Type

Master of Philosophy

The goal of the programme is to produce graduates and educational leaders with broad-based knowledge, competencies, skills and attitude in educational leadership to meet the challenges of twenty-first-century education to assume educational leadership roles.


The specific objectives for the MPhil programme are to:

  • Provide graduates with important developmental supervisory knowledge and skills to successfully pursue school-wide instructional and learning goals.
  • Prepare graduates to create professional learning communities in educational setups.
  • Consider the general organisation and regulation of courses and research in the Institute.
  • Equip graduates with requisite skills to conduct research to inform educational decisions and policies.

Admission Requirements

First degree with at least, Second Class Lower division.

Target Group

The target group for the programme includes the following:

  • Educational administrators
  • Personnel at the directorate of the Ministry of Education


A successful applicant will be offered probationary admission as a Postgraduate Research Student for the first year. Students may progress to the second year (thesis phase) as MPhil/PhD students after having satisfied the following conditions:

  • Taken and passed all required courses including academic writing (if not already taken).
  • Obtained a CGPA of 2.5 or better for MPhil candidates.
  • Successfully defended a research proposal for the level (Master’s/Doctoral).